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Subscritpion Plan

Share and view 3D surgical visualization anytime anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the date of a recurring payment?

Automatic payments will be initiated after your first payment is processed.
For example, the next payment date will be the date you first make a payment.

If you do not want automatic payment, please proceed to [unsubscribe] in Payment.
Even after [unsubscribe], you can keep using the service until the next expiration date.

I cancelled my subscription but my account is still active.

Termination means that the service and automatic payment are stopped on the payment due date.
After the cancellation request, you can still access to our service until the payment due date, and the service will be automatically closed after the due date.

Can I purchase a month-to-month plan?

You can subscribe SURGFLIX streaming plans.
The automatic montly payment will be made until a notice of termination.

How can I cancel my account?

* Even after the cancellation, you can enjoy it until the expiration date of the service, and it will not be charged automatically from the next payment date.
* If canceled on the same day of payment, it may be reflected in the next payment due date.

[Card settlement / coupon registration / mobile phone small payment]
Terminate the app
1. Payment
2. Subscription
3. Select unsubscribe

[Cancel cancellation]
Cancel Unsubscription: SURGFLIX site (> Select profile at upper right>
Payment> Subscription's 'Cancel Revocation' selection

I want to cancel and refund my payment.

If you notice any unauthorized payment, please check our refund policy and request for refund.

[Refund Policy]
* You can only get a refund if you request within 7 days without playing any video after your initial payment.
* It may take 1-3 business days to complete your request.
* Please note that refund is not processed if you withdraw before the cancellation (refund) process is completed.
* Even if you cancel your monthly plan, it will not be refunded for the remaining number of days, and the account is still active until the expiration date.

[Refund Procedure]
○ Please send your request to SURGFLIX Customer Center and we will help you to process it in an efficient manner.

Payment was complete without authorization.

SURGFLIX is a subscription streaming service that automatically continue your subscription on every due date. There is no mandatory period of use and you can cancel at any time you want.

However, if you cancel on or after the settlement date, the settlement will be carried out normally and the settlement will be reflected in the next settlement.

If you do not wish to receive payment within 7 days after payment, please contact us. We will help you immediately.
* Please refer to the 'I want to cancel my payment (refund)' FAQ on the [Termination / Refund] tab for more information.
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