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The audience were satisfied with this and applauded and cheered at 2019 Otology Live Surgery.

3D MediVision, a medical 3D video equipment company, is active in various fields in

the medical field with its own technology.

At the 2019 Otology Live Surgery held at the Cancer Center of Samsung Medical Hospital

on November 24, 3D Medivision connected the operating room and the auditorium to support

3D images transmitted in real time.

Unlike previous events, this year's otology Live Surgery provided a 3D support so that you

could feel the scene and progress, making the understanding of theory and technique effective.

The speakers and the audience were satisfied with this and applauded and cheered.

3D MediVision said, “The support of this otology live surgery has been very successful and

we will make more efforts to support future otology live surgery. Above all, we will continue

to support effective educational live surgery and continue to develop not just one-off. ”

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