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Prof. Jawon Koo

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Incus Stapedotomy
Prof. Jawon Koo Seoul National University Bundang Hospital | Republic of Korea Speciality : Otorhinolaryngology

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Published : 2017-06-28  Views : 540 Likes :
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Stapedectomy is a surgical procedure in which the innermmost bone(stapes) of the three bones(the stapes, the incus, and the malleus) of the middle ear is removed, and replaced with a small pllastic tube of stainless-steel wire(a prosthesis) to improve the movement of sound to the inner ear.
A stapedectomy is used to treat progressive hearing loss, a condition in which spongy bone hardens around the base of the stapes. This condition fixes the stapes to the opening of the inner ear, so that the stapes no longer vibrates properly.
Therefore, the transmission of sound to the inner ear is disrupted. Untreated otosclerosis eventually results in total deafness, usually in both ears.
With the patient under local or general anesthesia, the surgeon opens the ear canal and folds the eardrum forward.

  - Otosclerosis

  - Hearing loss (therefore a stapedectomy is usually performed on only one ear at a time.)
  - Temporary change in taste or lack of taste (due to nerve damage)
  - Perforatetd eardrum
  - Vertigo
  - Temporary facial nerve paralysis
  - Dizziness

Normal result
  - Slight headache (get better over the next three months)
  - Slight bleeding
  - Tinnitus


■ Microscope : CarlZeiss Pentero

■ Navigation :    -

■ Surgical Drill : B. BRAUN Aesculap

■ 3D Camera : 3DMedivision M-Flix

■ 3D Recorder : 3DMedivision R-Flix

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