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Prof. Seong Yi

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Laminoplasty C3-6
Prof. Seong Yi Severance Hospital | Republic of Korea Speciality : Neurosurgery

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Published : 2019-05-17  Views : 535 Likes :
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If you have a condition in your spinal column that puts pressure on your spinal cord or
spinal nerves, your doctor may recommend a laminoplasty. Laminoplasty is performed on
the vertebrae in the cervical and thoracolumbar spine.

Cervical laminoplasty involves an approach to the spine coming from the back of the
neck. The surgeon strips the muscle off the spinal bones. A part of the bone called the
spinous process may be removed. A partial thickness cut may be made through the lamina
on one side of the spinal canal. A full thickness cut may be made on the other side. The
spinal lamina is then carefully lifted off of the spinal cord, decompressing it. The lamina is
prevented from closing back down by a bone spacer which is carefully placed. A tiny
titanium plate and screws then fix the lamina to the bone spacer and the facet joint. The
bones may then fuse back together.

Goal of Laminoplasty surgery is to relieve the narrowing of spinal canal.

Laminoplasty procedure immediately relieves pressure by creating more space for the
spinal cord and nerve roots. The main aim of performing Laminoplasty procedure is to
prevent further worsening of the neurologic function.

- Open-Door Type
- Double-Door/French Type

- Myeloopathy
- Multiple level spondylosis
- Congenital stenosis

- Aspirin, Advil & Aleve
- Vitamin E&K

- Hematoma
- Compression
- Spinal cord injury
- Infection
- CSF leakage
- Deterioration in power



■ Microscope : CarlZeiss Pentero

■ Navigation : Medtronic

■ Surgical Drill :    -

■ 3D Camera : 3DMedivision M-Flix

■ 3D Recorder : 3DMedivision R-Flix
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