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Home Neurosurgery Spine  Laminectomy c Foraminotomy C7-T1, Lt

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Anterior Interbody Discectomy c Fusion(ACDF) with Fixation, C3-4

Prof. Seong Yi

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Laminectomy c Foraminotomy C7-T1, Lt
Prof. Seong Yi Severance Hospital | Republic of Korea Speciality : Neurosurgery

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Published : 2019-05-17  Views : 608 Likes :
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Key Point
This patient was suffering from scapular pain and left arm paresthesia.
The patient could move without fusion, if only a protruding foraminal were removed.
So we decided to proceed this surgery for posterior keyhole.

Usually a small window is made on one side of a spinous process, at the junction of the lamina and facet joint, through the removal of some bone and ligament to allow visualization of the involved root. Using a high speed drill and microinstruments, once the nerve root affected is identified, the whole out of which the nerve passes is enlarged. The nerve root is then gently elevated and if there is a disk bulge this is palpated. If identified, the disk bulge is incised and typically a tiny piece of disk is removed. The whole disk is not removed. The operation is then complete and after placing cortisone over the nerve root, closure is effected, typically, with dissolving sutures for skin. Typically this takes 1-2 hours to perform.

- Minimally Invasive (1cm)
- Motion Preserving
- Direct Decompression

- Posterior Keyhole Approach

- Neurologic Deficit
- Dural Tears
- Wound Infection



Chief Complaint
Lt arm pain, paresthesia
Lt shoulder pain (onset 5months)

Herniated Cervical Disc(HCD), C7-T1
C7-T1 Lt foraminal ruptured

Physical Examination(P/E)
Spurling Sign (-/+)
Lt HG G4+

■ Microscope : CarlZeiss Pentero

■ Navigation : Medtronic

■ Surgical Drill :    -

■ 3D Camera : 3DMedivision M-Flix

■ 3D Recorder : 3DMedivision R-Flix
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