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Home Ophthalmology Cataract surgery  Mydriasis, Part 2

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Mydriasis, Part 2
SURGFLIX_OPH 3DMediVision | Republic of Korea Speciality : Ophthalmology

Mydriasis, Small Pupil Management

     · Pre-treatment with Atropine 1%
     · Topical mydriatic agents
     · Intercameral injection
     · Viscodilatation : Healon 5 (PE, PC-IOL)
     · Pupil stretching technique : Iris Retractors (secondary IOL implantation, scleral fixation)
     · Pupil expansion devices

Related Factors

     · Diagnosis : Senile Cataract
     · Underlying Disease : BPH and/or DM
Medical Device

     · Phacoemulsifier : Infiniti, Alcon
     · Microscope : M629, Leica
     · 3D Camera : M-FLIX 2010, 3D MediVision
     · 3D Recorder : R-FLIX1010, 3D MediVision

Surgical Instrument & Secondary Materials

     · Iris retractors for pupil stretching technique : bauschretina (reusable)
     · 20gauge I/A handpiece, straight with sleeve
     · Phaco chopper, Rounded, blunt tip, 0.9mm inferior wedge

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