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Keratome Blades
SURGFLIX_OPH 3DMediVision | Republic of Korea Speciality : Ophthalmology


When it comes to choosing keratome blades, surgeons are steadfast in their allegiances. Some prefer metal blades, others prefer diamonds, and still others prefer a combination depending on which part of the surgery is being performed. We filmed some experienced cataract surgeons’ operations to find out which blades they use and why.

Related Factors

     · Diagnosis : Senile Cataract
Medical Device

     · Microscope : OPMI VISU 200, Carl Zeiss / M844, Leica
     · 3D Camera : M-FLIX 2010, 3D MediVision
     · 3D Recorder : R-FLIX1010, 3D MediVision

Surgical Instrument

     · Keratome double bevel knife, 2.8mm, biotech (B0752842)
     · Angled Diamond Keratome 3.0mm, Storz (E0104 ACC3.0)
     · Keratome black diamond knife, angled, Ambler Surgical (#BD8934)

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