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Publication Guide

Should you wish to publication of your surgical videos on, please make sure that they meet the following requirements.
1. A short abstract for the video (200 words or less) specifying clinical case presentation and main therapeutic objectives must be provided.
2. Digital picture(s) of each author involved in the video should be submitted (in JPG/JPEG format). These pictures must have a neutral background.
Please read below instructions :

Video Structure
1. Title of video
Please mention the type of procedure and the technique used for the treatment of the specific pathology.
2. Publisher introduce
Publisher information should be displayed. It must include their town and country of origin. Authors hierarchic order of appearance must be respected. Full name (first and last name) with titles (MD, MS, PhD, PACS, FRCS, etc.) must be provided.
3. Clinic case
Patient’s age and gender, clinical and/or medical history, surgical indications…Views of CT-scans, MRI and/or other diagnostic tools must be provided.
4. Patient
Patient, trocar, and operating staff position must be indicated.
5. Film
The video transcription written narrative must be provided in English. It must be sent in a Word Document or Rich Text Format (.rtf). It should include precise details regarding patient clinical history, patient positioning, trocar and surgical team placement. A full description of the surgical procedure and of the postoperative outcome must be provided. In addition, the written narrative should be divided into several key operative steps, with a title for each step (“case history”, “patient set-up”, "trocar placement", "dissection", “suturing”, "specimen extraction", etc.) with their associated times in the video (in minutes and seconds). The time sequencing will allow our audiovisual technicians to properly synchronize sound, image and text.
6. Credits
Video credits to audio speaker and editing technicians will be given and clearly identified at the end of the film.
1. Tool long videos : 20 minutes at the most
2. Tool short shots : the viewer needs some time to perfectly understand the image
3. Blurred images
Graphic Standards
1. Too bright background colors (blue, green, red)
2. Drop shadows
3. Textoutline
Sound Illustrations
Music is not allowed on surgflix videos
Copyright Watermark
Never place it at the bottom-right part in order not to hide surgflix logo
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